In this article I would like to show you an alternative build of the character Jack, with which you can also play through the round very comfortably.


Jack starts with +75% damage against bosses and elite enemies.

This bonus makes this character ideal for mastering higher levels of danger.

On the other hand, enemies drop +200% materials.

However, -75% enemies also appear.

The negative properties would be +250% more enemy life and +50% more enemy damage.

Close combat is a bit more dangerous because you have to let the enemies get close to you, but with enough damage and defensive stats, this won't be a problem.


That's why we start this run with the knife.

This has a critical hit damage of x2.5, which is higher than other melee weapons.

Therefore, we focus here on a crit build.



Melee damage, % damage and % crit chance are the offensive stats you should focus on here.

Especially the melee damage can make the decisive difference in defeating the opponents as efficiently as possible at the beginning, as long as you don't have 6 knives yet.

% damage to increase your overall and therefore critical damage.

You should slowly increase %Crit Chance over the waves and you will notice a noticeable increase in damage.

The weapon bonus of the knives also gives you 15% critical hit chance.


Max HP, HP regeneration, health drain, armor and some % evasion will be your defensive stats.

Max HP is, as always, the most important defensive value. You should constantly increase this until you reach around 100-120 max HP.

Armor should have reached a value of 15-20 by the time wave 10 approaches.

HP regeneration and life drain of 10-15 should always get you back to full HP as quickly as possible after you get hit.


Ugly Tooth is a very useful item that helps keep enemies away from you by constantly slowing them down with hits.

The Blood Leech gives you some life drain and HP regeneration, which increases your defensive stats.

The Tentacle is the perfect item to increase your critical hit chance while also regenerating HP when you land a critical hit.

The Tardigrade prevents the first hit you would take during the wave.

This is a good item, especially as a reward from boxes, but I would avoid getting it from the shop.

The Wings give you movement speed and range for a good price.

The Ritual gives you damage and life penalty.

As with every crit build, the hunting trophy is excellent. The earlier you get it, the more benefit you can derive from it.


The dangerous enemies are the attackers. They are often unpredictable and can easily be overwhelming in larger numbers.

Always try to keep these as low as possible.

The ranged enemies can also quickly become a problem that needs to be focused on.


After a successful run, you unlock the giant belt for your subsequent runs.


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