Energy is one of the most important resources in Stardew Valley. It's the only way you can do your work on the farm and level up. In this post, you'll learn all about the Stardrops and how to get them.

You can find a total of seven Stardrops, which almost doubles your original maximum energy from 270 to 508. If your energy is running low, you can temporarily increase it with food.

All Stardrop Locations

  • Stardew Valley Fair (2.000 star tokens)
  • Mine (treasure chest at level 100)
  • Roommates (friendship at 12,5 hearts)
  • Sewers (20.000g in Krobus' shop)
  • Secret Woods (Sacrifice to Old Master Cannoli Statue)
  • Letter from Willy (linked to Master Angler achievement)
  • Museum (full collection)
At level 100 in the mine you will receive a Stardrop from a treasure chest.

Stardrop at the Stardew Valley Fair

This festival always takes place on the 16th day of autumn. To join this, simply walk into town between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Star tokens can be won at the festival stands.

There are various mini games where you can win star tokens:

  • Fishing Minigame
  • Slingshot Minigame
  • Smashing Stone
  • Spinning Wheel

Items can then be purchased in exchange for star tokens at the shop near the town entrance (directly after the bus stop). At this shop you can purchase a Stardrop for 2.000 star tokens.

If you miss the festival, you will have to wait until next year to take part in the Stardew Valley Fair again.

Stardrop from Krobus in the Sewers

After donating 60 items to the museum, Gunther will give you a rusty key. The sewers can be accessed via the sewer cover in the town, or via a grate south of your farm.

You can buy a Stardrop for 20.000g from Krobus' shop in the sewers. Unlike the rest of his offers, the Stardrop is available every day.

Stardrop in the Secret Woods

The secret woods are located west of your farm. The entrance is blocked by a large log that can only be destroyed with a steel axe (or better).

The statue of Old Master Cannoli can be found in the Secret Woods near some destroyed pillars. The old master wants a Sweet Gem Berry from you, in return you will receive a Stardrop.

To obtain the Sweet Gem Berry, you must purchase a rare seed (cost: up to 1.000g) from the Traveling cart. The traveling cart appears every Friday and Sunday, south of your farm.

A sweet gem berry grows from the rare seed within 24 days. The rare seed is an autumn seed, but you can also plant it all year round in the greenhouse.

Stardrop from Willy (Master Angler Achievement)

There are different categories of fish in Stardew Valley depending on how rare or difficult a fish is to catch:

  • Fishing pole fish
  • Night market fish
  • Legendary fish
  • Legendary fish II
  • Crab pot fish

In the Stardew Valley wiki you will find detailed information about which fish can be caught where and when. To get the Stardrop, you must have caught each fish at least once.