In this article I would like to show you a build of the character Cryptid and the weapon Stock, with which you can play through the game very well.


The positive traits of Cryptid are that he spawns more trees from scratch and he gets +12 harvest and +3 HP regeneration for each tree that is alive.

His evasion limit is 70%.

Additionally, each time he dodges, he gains +3% attack speed until the end of the wave.

Thus, the Cryptid becomes stronger as the wave progresses and also gains more defensive stats through HP regeneration.

Its negative properties are -100% health drain, -100 range and -50% dropped materials from enemies.


The Danger 5 playthrough starts with the stick, which will also be our main weapon for all 6 slots.

The staff is very good because it strengthens itself if you have multiple staffs, which will make the actual melee damage less important.


Because of the reduced materials dropped, Harvest is a well-invested asset, especially for the early waves.

Luck is also highly recommended for extra high-quality items.


The primary offensive stats here will be % damage and attack speed.

Critical hit chance is also taken into account when appropriate.


Due to its increased maximum evasion chance, it is a good idea to focus it this way.

Because of the -100% life steal, you have to rely more on max HP and HP regeneration.


The lumberjack shirt is to be avoided because you want to leave the trees standing and not cut them down if you accidentally hit them.

Adrenaline is the perfect item that you should definitely get when you get it.

Tree is a very important item so that even more trees spawn that you can benefit from.

The increased dodge chance also heals you when you dodge, which is exactly what you want with this character.

The bag can also give you a lot of materials here, although you will get fewer boxes because you don't want to cut down trees.

With a lot of luck, the enemies will also drop boxes regularly.

Riposte scales extremely well with melee damage, which you shouldn't focus on primarily, but should still have some of.


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