In this post I want to show you a build of the character Lich, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of Lich are that he starts with +10 HP regeneration and +10% Life Steal.

He also deals damage based on his max HP to a random enemy when heals.

The negative trait is that its damage modifiers are reduced by 50%.

Therefore, with this character, we should focus on his damage-dealing trait depending on his max HP.

That's why we start the run with a slingshot, because primitive weapons give extra max HP as a weapon bonus.

It doesn't matter that much in the first few waves, but pretty soon you should be getting hit by enemies periodically, so you don't have full HP and can heal yourself so that you can then in turn damage enemies.

The flamethrower is also a perfect weapon, because it hits a lot of enemies at once due to its extremely low cooldown and its high penetration, and can therefore trigger your Life Steal very quickly.

Take all values with you that increase your HP regeneration, your life penalty and of course your max HP.

Some armor is also good, as it won't take you too many hits if you get hit.

You should avoid % dodging since you want to take damage and you can heal yourself back up.

A perfect item for this character would be the sad tomato.

Since you can always regenerate HP with this item at the beginning of the wave and thus inflict immense damage on the opponent directly. Also very good for boss or elite waves.

Or the Strange Ghost.

This allows you to heal yourself completely at the beginning of the wave and in the meantime cause immense damage to the opponents - of course you shouldn't let yourself be hit again immediately.

In addition, items such as the blood donation, which cause you damage per second, are also made for this character, since you don't have to be constantly hit by enemies with them.

Or the Bloody Hand, which has the same effect, but also reduces life.

A successful run with the character unlocks the tentacle for further runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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In this post, I’ll go over all the achievements and builds for each character in Brotato and briefly explain how to achieve these achievements and what rewards they give you.

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