In this article I would like to tell you about the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and the special powers of the Ghost Spirit and Wraith.



EMF Level 5
Spirit box
Ghost Writing


Spirits are very common ghosts. They are very powerful, but passive, only attacking when they need to. They defend their place of death to the utmost degree, killing anyone that is caught overstaying their welcome.




A Spirit can be temporarily stopped by burning Smudge Sticks near them.

Hidden Powers

If a spirit has been smudged with smudge sticks, it will not be able to (further) hunt for 180 seconds - Any other spirit can hunt (again) incense after 90 seconds (demon already after 60 seconds).



EMF Level 5
Spirit Box
D.O.T.S. Projector


Wraiths are one of the most dangerous ghosts you will find. It is also the only known ghost that has the ability of flight and has sometimes been known to travel through walls.


Wraiths almost never touch the ground, meaning it can't be tracked by footsteps.


Wraiths are afraid of salt and will actively avoid it.

Hidden Powers

The ghost can silently teleport to a player outside of a ghost event, leaving an EMF signal there - then teleporting back to the ghost room.

From here, it can interact with items, trigger a ghost event, or start hunting right away.

The ability to teleport to a player is not possible during a hunt.

The ghost cannot go through walls either, as noted in the description.

A Wraith will never step on salt, which is clear evidence of this ghost.
So if you place salt all over the ghost room and the ghost doesn't step into any of those salt heaps for a long period of time, it's very likely a Wraith.

The perfect way to test this is if the ghost does a ghost event, and you place salt directly under it - any ghost other than the Wraith will immediately trigger a footstep in the salt.

Equipment Upgrades

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Identify the Ghost

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