In this post I want to show you a build of the character Saver, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Saver's most positive attributes are +10 harvest at the start of the game, it also gets +1% damage for every 30 materials it owns, and it starts with the Piggy Bank item, which ensures that at the beginning of the wave, i.e. as soon as you leave the shop again, you get +20% of your remaining materials, which in the end provides additional extra damage.

The item prices are +50% more expensive for the saver, which is why we shouldn't buy everything in the shop, since we would of course lose % damage again.

Finding the golden mean between having enough materials for the extra damage, but still having weapons and items that are good enough not to be overrun by the waves of enemies and, of course, defeating them for the materials is the real challenge here.

Since the saver is all about the materials, the best choice for this is of course the thief's dagger, which has a 30% chance at the beginning, as soon as you kill the opponent with a critical hit, you get an additional material.

Try to get 6 thief's daggers as quickly as possible, as well as get the weapon's critical chance close to 100%.

It is important to note that the displayed % Crit Chance of the weapon is important and not the % Crit Chance that the character himself has, as weapons always have a fixed base Crit Chance.

Melee damage, % damage and attack speed must not fall short either, otherwise you can no longer defeat the opponents.

Also, collect items that give you more opponents, as they give you more chances to get extra materials that you can get from your weapons.
But of course, only as many extra as you can really defeat.

Items such as the Alien Love, which gives you more HP, damage and more enemies, are perfect for this.

Harvesting is also a good way to get some extra materials after each round, which in turn will give you extra damage or give you more items in the shop.

Don't be too sparing in the first few waves, as it doesn't bring you much extra damage anyway, and otherwise you don't do enough damage to survive the run.

If you have then successfully completed the run, the item cushion beckons you

Guide for all Achievements

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In this post, I’ll go over all the achievements and builds for each character in Brotato and briefly explain how to achieve these achievements and what rewards they give you.

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