In this article I would like to show you a build of the character Saver and the weapon Spear, with which you can play through Danger 5.


The characteristics of the Saver have been buffed, making him a bit easier to play.

The positive characteristics of the Saver are +15 harvest at the beginning of the game, and he also receives +1% damage for every 25 materials he owns.

It starts with the Piggy Bank item, which ensures that at the beginning of the wave, i.e. as soon as you leave the shop, you get +20% of your remaining materials, which ultimately results in additional extra damage.

The items cost the Saver +50%, which is why you shouldn't buy everything in the shop, especially later in the round, as you would of course lose % damage again.

It is important to have enough materials for the additional damage, but also enough good weapons and items to survive the waves.

Additionally, you have to make sure to get enough materials during the waves without being overrun.


The spear is a very good choice for Danger 5 because it has high penetration with a lot of range, but is still a melee weapon that can benefit from the higher melee damage.

Spear at the beginning


However, the spear has one major disadvantage.

That would be the high cooldown, hence the slow attack speed.

This means that, especially at the beginning, the focus on attack speed and of course filling all weapon slots is a high priority.

Due to the increased harvest, which increases immediately after defeating the first wave, it is also extremely important to increase this, as you should value these materials extremely highly throughout the entire round.

However, you shouldn't overdo it, as the piggy bank will also produce many materials passively.

10 armor and 60% evasion if possible are very good for a good survival rate.

Max HP can initially be neglected due to the primitive weapon bonus of the spear, but must be brought to at least 70 by the first elite wave to avoid the end of the round due to a mistake.

In combination with enough armor and/or evasion this would of course be extremely good.

By the 10th wave, you should have saved about 800-1,000 materials so that you have enough damage bonus.

You shouldn't use them all up, but keep building them up to get more extra damage.


Community support works very well, especially given the already slow attack speed.

Black Belt gives you extra XP gain in addition to melee damage, a very good item especially in early waves.

Tentacles gives you extra healing, but requires a little investment in crit chance.

Padding, which you unlock through the Saver, is of course the perfect defensive item you can get to get more max HP.

Play passively before you risk too much and take advantage of the spear's long range. You generate materials passively through your piggy bank and the harvest. It's better to leave the materials lying around and concentrate on survival.

With enough materials, you should get enough damage and HP and can fully focus on the other stats.

Elite enemies and bosses shouldn’t be a problem either.


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