I would like to explain the best gems for WoW Pandaria Remix to you in detail here from my own experience.

I've played a lot of Pandaria Remix myself and have been farming all the cosmetic unlocks since I maxed out my character.

I'll show you here which gemstones I think are best for this.


My character currently looks like this:


Here are the current values of my cloak:

Prismatic Gems

I have divided the gems that give you secondary stats and that you can socket into the jewelry, pants and chest as follows:

Critical Hit

I use the critical hit gems until I get 100% critical hit chance.

However, this is only possible when your equipment reaches a higher value, as this will give you immensely higher secondary stats or an extremely high cloak.


I use the gem for mastery if it is a good value for the class, to the same extent as the gem for versatility.


Meta Gem

As a meta gem, Lifestorm is the best.

This, in combination with the Tinker Gem Searing Light, allows you to cause immense damage.

Cogwheel Gem

For the gear gem, I recommend Blink, which allows for frequent use with its short cooldown.

Tinker Gem

The Tinkerer Gems probably give you the largest selection.

Searing Light

As already mentioned, Searing Light works extremely well in combination with the meta gem Lifestorm.

This healing also includes the damage you deal with life steal, which becomes a lot with better equipment and a cloak.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod deals damage, gives critical strike value first to allies and then to you, which is especially good if you have not yet reached a permanent 100% critical strike chance.

Incendiary Terror

Incendiary Terror deals additional fire damage.

Sunstrider's Flourish

Sunstrider's Flourish causes a fiery explosion on critical hits, damaging nearby enemies.

Explosive Barrage

Explosive Barrage triggers a bombardment, with each impact dealing damage.


With Hailstorm you build up charges of Hailstorm, which at 10 stacks hits enemies in the area and deals very high damage, even if the displayed value is not that high.


With Wildfire, your attacks deal fire damage and give the enemy a debuff that deals additional damage over time and spreads to other enemies.

Mark of Arrogance

Mark of Arrogance gives the opponent a stack that deals damage when you are attacked.

This is particularly strong as a tank, but even as a DD you keep taking damage and spreading this debuff.

Meteor Storm

Meteor Storm causes a hail of meteors to strike enemies, dealing high damage and stunning them.

Victory fire

Victory Fire is extremely powerful, especially against lots of small enemies, as you deal area damage to defeated enemies, which triggers a chain reaction and will instantly decimate those smaller enemies.

Storm Overload

With Storm Overload you deal high damage when you use your core class ability.


Slay triggers when the enemy is below 10% HP and you deal extreme damage based on your maximum health.


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