The new season has only just begun and the first assumptions can be made. Which team is the best, which is the worst? How strong are the teams in the upcoming F1 game?

First, in general about the teams: The same F1 teams will compete in the 2024 season as last season. Nevertheless, we come across two new (old) names on the Formula 1 grid: Kick Sauber and RB.

Alfa Romeo is no longer Sauber's title sponsor and Sauber is returning to Formula 1 as the team name. The streaming platform Kick now appears as a sponsor in the team name.

AlphaTauri is also getting a new name, from now on Red Bull's second team will only be called RB on the official Formula 1 website. The Visa Cash App appears as a sponsor in the full name.

All F1 Teams in Comparison (2023 vs. 2024)

For a comparison, I will compare the result of the 2023 Constructors' World Championship to the current team performance of the Formula 1 teams.

Constructors' World Championship Final Standings 2023

Placement 2023 Team
1. Red Bull
2. Mercedes
3. Ferrari
4. McLaren
5. Aston Martin
6. Alpine
7. Williams
8. AlphaTauri (now: RB)
9. Alfa Romeo (now: Kick Sauber)
10. Haas

Team Tier List F1 24 Game

Of course, a lot remains to be seen after a race and the teams will work hard to improve the performance of their cars. Nevertheless, the first race of the season shows some trends.

Tier List F1 2024 Teams
S+ Red Bull
A Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren
b Aston Martin, RB (formerly: AlphaTauri), Kick Sauber (formerly: Alfa Romeo), Haas, Williams
C Alpine

Red Bull is once again playing in a league of its own, but you can expect an exciting duel between Ferrari and Mercedes.

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