The Driller is the fourth and currently last class that you can unlock and play in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. You can find a build guide for this class here.


The drill has as standard:

120 max HP
5% chance of dodging
5% critical strike chance
200% critical hit damage

The drill starts the run with the Subata 120.

He also gets +2% mining speed for each time you mine something, up to a maximum of 25 times, i.e. +50%.

Subata 120

The Subata 120 is a weapon that attacks relatively quickly, but can only fire backwards.

However, this weapon is quite good with the drill, as you can mine minerals in a relaxed manner and automatically keep the enemies behind you away from you.

In addition, we use overclocking of the weapon so that we can use it to strengthen all other weapons.

For this you take the overclocking secondary weapon.

This reduces the Subata's damage by 25%, but all other weapons get +25% damage.

By the time you can choose this overclock, you should already have 1-2 other weapons so that you can really take advantage of this overclock.

However, overloading this weapon further is no longer recommended, as you will benefit more from the improvements of the other weapons.

Corrosive Sludge Pump

The Corrosive Sludge Pump is a weapon that deals acid damage.

She fires a beam that causes initial damage and then damage over time.

The Larger Tanks overload is very good because it allows you to deal damage for much longer before you have to reload.

The beams can be multiplied, allowing you to hit enemies much more often and thus cause much more damage.

You should definitely choose more beams as overload if you have the choice.

This means you can turn 1 beam into 2 beams and cover significantly more area.

At level 18 you can add 3 more steels and have acid beams permanently around you that decimate enemies.

Crspr Flamethrower

The perfect addition is the Crspr Flamethrower, which ultimately has the same properties as the Corrosive Sludge Pump, only based on fire damage.

That's why we use the same overloads here.

More jets for an extra jet and more coverage of the flames.

And more beam life, so you can deal damage for much longer before you need to reload.

Level 18 of the Flamethrower will also become Even More Beams so you get 3 extra beams.

This ensures that no enemy near you can survive.

General upgrades

Since both the Flamethrower and the Corrosive Sludge Pump cause damage at close range, it is important to keep the reload speed of these weapons to a minimum.

Of course, the damage must not be neglected either.

You can neglect the mining speed as the drill is already very well equipped with this.

With a bit of luck, you'll also get an extra beam for your weapons in the form of a legendary upgrade.

To increase damage over time, you should also take upgrades for this:

In the end the build should look something like this:


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