In this post I want to show you a build guide to Veteran with the weapon Bat or the Baseball Bat.


I recommend you recruit a veteran with the Berserk armor.

This will give you a solid amount of armor that will significantly reduce the damage you take.

In addition, with each level of armor, your Bat recharge speed decreases.

You also get the opportunity to re-roll the upgrades when leveling up in a raid.


Although the Bat is a very powerful weapon, it needs a few upgrades so that you can really play well with it.

At the beginning she is really relatively weak, but the more upgrades you can buy in the workshop, the faster she will be able to prove herself in the raid.

As soon as you start a raid, you first need a skill that will quickly give you a lot of experience and thus upgrades.

Biodestructor is best suited for this.

This gives you a zone around you that deals constant damage to enemies, meaning you take even less damage.

This is particularly good against large waves of opponents with weaker opponents.

Be sure to get the Nimble ability once.

This not only makes you move faster, but you also need it to evolve the Bat.

With this weapon you will have absolutely no problems defeating enemies and can easily finish the run.

Other abilities that make it easier for you, especially later in the round, are Killer Instinct, which increases your total damage percentage.

and Magnetic Accelerator, which makes your projectiles move significantly faster and therefore hit and eliminate your opponents even faster.

You also get the Frag Grenade.

Together with the passive ability Long Arms, which increases your magnetic radius,

Once you have maximized the Frag Grenade, evolve it into Enough for Everyone.

This gives you another enormous AOE boost in damage and you can concentrate fully on defensive values and skills.

With Negative Attraction you get knockback with your projectiles, making it much harder for enemies to get to you.


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