In this article you will find all the locations and exact positions on the map in Maple Lodge Campsite that you need to complete the Halloween event of 2023.


To complete the event to unlock both a trophy and a new Player ID card, you must throw all the following ingredients into the cauldron located by the campfire.

If you throw an incorrect item into the cauldron, the green liquid in it will disappear and you will no longer be able to complete the event - then all you have to do is leave the location and you can re-enter it and put the ingredients in correctly.

You have to throw some items into the cauldron several times, but I'll explain this to you for each individual item.

As soon as you have thrown all the objects into the cauldron, a kind of fireworks and a beautiful light show will appear in the sky.

If it doesn't appear, you haven't thrown all the items into the cauldron yet.

The order in which you throw the items into the cauldron doesn't matter.


Bowl of Grins

The Bowl of Grins, whose map you got from Tanglewood Drive, can be found in the back house on the map.

To open the door, you first have to pick up the key, which is next to the door mat.

Death's rot

The Death's rot can be found in the form of rotting apples, behind a door, as soon as you enter the Maple Lodge Campsite.

You need a total of 3 of these.

Toe of frog

The Toe of frog is in the form of a frog voodoo doll in the house, just ahead of the entrance.

This is on the PC.

Sack of beans

You will find the Sack of beans at the campfire, where the cauldron is located, under a white tent.

You need a total of 3 of these.

Light in the Dark

For Light in the Dark, you can simply take any flashlight from the van and throw it into the cauldron.

Jar of Mind

You can also find the Jar of Mind in the house at the beginning.

Once you enter, you will find the glass on the table to the left.

Screaming Skull

You can find the Screaming Skull between the red and blue tents behind the first house.

There the screaming skull lies on the ground next to a camping chair.

Eye of bear

You can find the Eye of bears behind the campfire in the bathrooms in the sink.

You need the 2 eyes!

Love's Blossom

You can find the last item, the Love's Blossom, next to the back house, towards the lake, in the hand of the right skeleton, who is sitting on a camping chair.

All positions of the pumpkins

Phasmophobia: Halloween 2023 - All Pumpkin positions with map
In this article you will find all the locations and exact positions on the map of the pumpkins you need to complete the Halloween event of 2023.


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