Here we show you where you can find sugar bombs in Fallout 76.

Sugar Bomb Locations

Vault 51

Sugar Bombs are a food item in Fallout 76 that we need to make Brain Bombs.

To the left of the entrance to Vault 51 we find a bunker entrance. There we see four lockers.

In the left of the three standing lockers we find a pack of sugar bombs.

Flatswood Church

The next stop is in Flatwoods where there are two places where we find sugar bombs

Go to Flatwoods Church and climb the bell tower.

Once you reach the top, you can find up to three packs of sugar bombs.

Flatwoods Red Rocket

At the Red Rocket gas station we find another pack of sugar bombs.

To do this, we go to the roof of Red Rocket. There we find a small yellow gas grill. Next to it is the sugar bomb pack in a blue basket.


Another place you can visit is Mosstown. Here we go to the smaller building a little behind the settlement.

You should be careful because there is a crack nearby where a fire beast is causing havoc.

Once you've arrived safely in the house, look for the bathtub. There you can find up to three packets of sugar bombs.

New River Gorge Bridge: West

When you get to the big bridge, you will find a staircase on the right side that will lead you to the lower level.

On the lower level there is a locked door behind which sugar bombs are hidden. Below we will show you how to get the key.

Once you have the key, you can enter the room. There you will find two packs of sugar bombs and there is also a power armor hidden there.

Key Location

At Camden Park we find the key for the door on the bridge.

To do this, we go onto the roller coaster and look for the second car, which is in the middle of the ride.

In this car we meet two deceased guests. Next to the front guest is a backpack with the key in it.

Hornwright Summer Villa

Another location is Hornwright. Here, too, there are two locations for sugar bombs.

The first place is at the villa. There is a garage above which there is a small apartment. The entrance to this is at the back.

If you are now at the back, at the entrance to the house, you will have to fight against a few robots.

In the second room, on the small boxes, we find the sugar bombs.

Now go below the villa into the large building. There you go into the kitchen. In the kitchen.

Right next to the robot arm, you can see the sugar bombs.

House of Pumpkins

Now we come to the pumpkin house. Go into the house and go to the first floor.

There is a small chest of drawers on which you will find a packet of sugar bombs.

New Central Depot Appalachia

When you arrive at the central depot, go to the red freight wagons.

In the furthest red freight car, which is parked near the rock wall, both doors are open. Go to this car.

In the freight car, next to the shopping cart, you will find a small box containing the packets of sugar bombs.

These are just some of the places where you can find Sugar Bombs. There are more, but these are the ones we'll be covering on our farming route.