Here we show you how to make brain bombs in Fallout 76.

How to make brain bombs in Fallout 76

Brain bombs are one of the many different types of food in Fallout 76. Their special property is that they grant a large amount of intelligence, which is very useful. The increased intelligence improves the durability when crafting items, increases the yield when recycling and of course increases the experience gained when killing monsters.

Brain bombs

The ingredients needed are relatively easy to obtain. We get purified water from water purifiers in our base, and we find wood everywhere in the forests. That shouldn't be a problem.

The brain fungus

Brain fungus can be found in many different places. One of these places is in the area of Sunday Brothers Cabin. There is a small water hole here where relatively large numbers of brain fungus can be found.

In the marked blue area we find brain fungus

If you go south from the station, you will come to a power pole. On two of its foundations we find some brain mushrooms.

Brain fungus on electricity pylon foundation

From there we move towards the southeast, past the power station. Here we find two small water holes in which we can find many more brain mushrooms.

Brain fungus watering hole

Mothman Egg

Gut Glancy

Mothman eggs can be found at cultist locations. The eggs are usually hidden on walls or in caves. We'll show you a few of these locations.

Gut Glancy

Gut Glancy is one of the cultist locations where we find quite a few eggs.

As a little tip: There are some bags of cement around the building.

Kill all enemies and go to the lower floor. There you will find a fireplace with red eggs on the walls to the left and right.


Then go to the second floor. There you will find a bedroom where you can find more eggs.


Kanawha County Cemetery

Kanawha Cemetery

At Kanawha Cemetery we find a small hut on the left side. In this hut we see a few eggs on the wall and on the floor.

Small hut

Cultist Location Sacrament

You will encounter a little resistance at this location, but once you have eliminated the enemies, head to the camp. There you will find the eggs.


Once you are in the camp, you will find the eggs under a defensive position with a bizarre looking statue and in the middle of the camp.

Sacrament Camp

Point Pleasant

This is the location where most Mothman eggs are found. You will encounter a large number of enemies and there may not be a Mothman moth around.

Point Pleasant

Walk along the river. In front of the big bridge there is a small cultist shrine. There you will find the first eggs under a small pavilion.

Point Pleasant Pavilion

Now head towards the city center. There you will see a winged statue with a lot of Mothman eggs around it. Once you have collected all of these eggs, you should have a good number and be able to create your recipe.

Point Pleasant winged statue

Sugar bombs are scattered all over the world. Always keep your eyes open because they can be anywhere. In another post we will show you where you can find some of them.