In this post I want to show you a build of the character The Hunter, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of the hunter are that it starts with +10 range.

Additionally, his projectile power modifiers are 33% more effective.

The hunter's negative traits are that he cannot equip melee weapons and his vitality modifiers are 33% less effective.

We start the run with the automatic crossbow.

Although this has low damage, it has a very high attack speed.

The antlers give attached weapons +30% attack speed.

With this character you should always try to stay as far away from the opponents as possible.

The extra range with which the hunter starts definitely makes this a little easier.

First, get as many crossbows as possible so that you can defeat enemies and generate more experience and money.

These crossbows ensure that you have enough damage as well as enough attacks to benefit from lifesteal.

If you have 3-4 weapons, you can focus a bit on the defensive stats.

To do this, get items like the ritual doll or red cube.

Which provide you with enough lifesteal so that you can properly counterheal if you get hit.

Get every Arcane Anvil you can and upgrade one of your weapons by one level.

If already unlocked, the Masterpiece Arrowhead is an absolute must-have item.

This means that your projectiles penetrate once more, essentially doubling your potential damage if there are several enemies in a row.

Get as many items as possible that increase your projectile damage.

Even if these take away a little range from you, it's still worth it because your fast attacks benefit extremely well from them.

You should always take extra % damage with you, as your projectile damage can get even more value from it.

Even bosses should be able to be attacked and defeated from a distance with ease.

You can see the final inventory here:


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