In group play, it is important to have a person who can support the team well. You can find a support build that can use flashbangs very often to support his team in this post.

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Payday 3 Support Build - Geiseln und Blendgranaten
Im Gruppenspiel ist es wichtig, eine Person dabei zu haben, die das Team gut unterstützen kann.Einen Unterstützungsbuild der Blendgranaten sehr oft einsetzen kann, um sein Team zu unterstützen, findest du in diesem Beitrag.



With Manipulator Basic you can tie up your hostages 50% faster.

Aced Manipulator gives you the advantage that when you trade in a hostage, it counts as an additional hostage.

This gives you double the advantage.

Silver Tongue

With Silver Tongue you also get the bonus from Manipulator Aced for traded employees, guards and emergency services that you have taken hostage and are trading.

So you also get double the exchange bonus here.


With Negotiator, when you trade hostages for first aid kits, you get an additional first aid kit.


Menacing gives you the ability to shout at guards, SWAT units or heavy SWAT units within 5 meters to surrender.

As long as you target them, they will go to their knees and you can tie them up and trade them like a hostage.

Any damage during the surrender process will cancel it.

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome allows you to shout at hostages and make them revive you when you are downed

Master Trader

With Master Trader you can reduce the time of players in custody by 20 seconds for each hostage trade.

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist Basic gives you 20% increased ammo capacity and 2 additional charges to your ammo pouches.

Aced Ammo Specialist gives you Edge when picking up ammo if your magazine is already full.


As long as you have Edge, Scrounger gives you a chance to get a charge back on a throwables.

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded increases your ammo bag charges by 2.

Top up

Top Up gives you an additional 20% ammo and full throwables when interacting with an ammo bag.



Basic Tactician gives you Edge when you stun or stagger an enemy.

Aced Tactician increases the effect of your flash grenades by an additional 20%.

Coup de Grace

Coup de grâce increases your damage dealt by 5% when you have Edge and shoot your stunned or staggered opponent.


Discombobulate gives enemies a 40% damage debuff that lasts for the duration of flash grenades and smoke grenades and 5 seconds after the effect ends.

This allows you to make strong enemies like Dozer a lot weaker for your team.


As long as enemies are stunned by your flash grenade, shots at those enemies ignore their armor.


Any stunning effect you apply to enemies lasts 20 seconds longer.



With Medic Basic you revive team members 20% faster.

Aced Medic gives you Grit when you start reviving a team member.

You also get 40% less damage for reviving as long as you have Grit.

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