In this post I want to show you a build of the character The Knight, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of The Knight are that he starts his run with +5 melee power, +5 vitality and +5 resource gain.

This character has no negative qualities!

We start the run with the Double Edged Axe because it has the most DPS right from the start.

This ax gets +50% critical damage for each adjacent axe.

As a result, we focus mainly on axes when it comes to weapons.

The Tattered Banner gives your +3 Armor for every adjacted Weapon and +3 Melee Power for every adjacted Armor Item.

The Throwing Axe harmonizes perfectly with the double-edged ax in that it gets the +50% critical damage bonus and you even benefit from the fact that you can attack from a distance.

In addition, this ax also gets another critical hit chance for each adjacent axe.

If possible, get 2-3 of these Throwing Axes, as they can give HP back very well with lifesteal.

You can also get the sickle so you can benefit from the lifesteal bonus.

This weapon gains an extra 15% lifesteal if there is no other adjacent lifesteal weapon attached to it.

This is a great way to get HP back.

To regenerate more HP you can also get items like the water skin.

Ritual Dolls increase your lifesteal by a very good amount.

If you're lucky and get the red rolls, you can incorporate this into your build too.

This gives you additional life regeneration and general lifesteal at the cost of a few max HP.

The bell gives you extra melee power at the cost of reduced chance of dodging.

As soon as you have around 10-15% lifesteal, you can also do without weapons like the sickle, as your other weapons will then regenerate enough HP.

If you have the 2-3 throwing axes and a few other axes in addition to your starting weapon and enough lifesteal, you can play much more aggressively and no longer have to dodge every attack from your opponents.

You can see my final inventory here:

With this you should be able to walk around the boss without any problems and regenerate one or two hits without any problems and easily defeat the boss in time.


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