The loud variant brings much more action into the game, for this the shotgun is very suitable at close range. You can find a detailed build here.

Deutsche Version

Payday 3: Schrotflinte Build
Die laute Variante bringt sehr viel mehr Action in das Spiel, hierfür ist auf nahe Reichweite die Shotgun sehr gut geeignet.Einen detaillierten Build findest du hier.



With Tank you increase your regeneration speed from your armor chunks by 20%.

Extra Plates

Extra Plates gives you 2 additional charges for your armor bags.

Very helpful if you have taken major damage and the round can take a little longer.

Armor Up

Armor up gives you an additional armor chunk when you interact with an armor bag.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing gives you a cheat death.

If you have Grit, you can use it up and get back up immediately if you are downed.

Additionally, you become completely immune to all damage for 10 seconds.

You cannot regain Grit until you have interacted with a medic bag or first aid kit or are downed again.



Enforcer Basic gives you Grit if you kill 2 enemies within 4 seconds and within 5 meters.

Aced Enforcer even gives you Edge when you kill 1 enemy within 5 meters if you already have Grit.

This allows you to maintain both Grit and Edge permanently if nearby enemies can be killed.

Quick Reload

As long as you have Grit and Edge, Quick Reload will increase your reload speed.

Face to face

Face to Face deals 10% extra damage to enemies within 5 meters as long as you have Edge and Grit.


As long as you have Edge and Grit, Solid makes you immune to stagger effects.

Shock & AWE

Shock & AWE gives you a chance to stagger non-special enemies within 5 meters when you kill an enemy within 8 meters.

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist

With Ammo Specialist you increase your ammunition capacity by 20%.

Additionally, your ammo Bags get 2 additional charges.

Plate up

With Plat up, your current armor chunk regenerates immediately when you pick up dropped ammo.



Mower gives you Edge after you shoot 35 bullets.

This skill is only necessary so that you can unlock the other skills.

Ammo funnel

Ammo Funnel ensures that you get dropped ammo straight into your magazine as long as you have Edge.


As long as you have Edge, you will immediately pick up dropped ammunition from killed enemies.

This skill synergizes perfectly with Ammo Funnel and Plate up.

Sprint Loaded

With Sprint Loaded you can reload while sprinting.



With Basic Gunslinger you get Edge when you switch to your secondary weapon.

Aiming or switching weapons will end any Edge you have active.

Aced Gunslinger refreshes any Edge you have when you land headshots with your weapon from the hip.

From the Hip

As long as you have Edge, the spread when shooting from the hip is reduced.


As long as you have Edge, the last shot from your magazine consumes it and deals 200% more damage.

Perfect for eliminating Dozers or other special enemies.

Quick draw

With Quick Draw you increase the speed of your weapon switching.

Best Builds

Payday 3 - The best builds
An overview of all my builds can be found here.New builds will be added in the respective category.


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