"How do I market my indie game?" - This is the question many indie developers ask themselves. A good balance between marketing and game development is important to stay economical. In this post, we'll show you three ways in which you can market your indie game.

As a solo developer, it can often be difficult to do marketing in addition to the actual main task (developing the game) in order to sell the game. If you are in this situation right now, this post should help you make a decision about which marketing strategy is best for you.

Upload Let's Plays to YouTube

One way to get your game out there is to become a Let's Player of your own game. This way, you can start very early in the development to introduce the viewer to your latest features bit by bit. This in particular has the advantage that your community can help shape the game early by you responding to comments and implementing ideas from the community.

The big disadvantage of this approach is the additional time required for this YouTube channel. While other game devs or studios only post trailers and small announcements, you regularly post new content for your community and keep them up to date.

This is very time-consuming and effectively robs you time to further develop the game. If that's not for you, do you have a friend who wants to playtest your game and record himself while doing so? This gives you a second opinion, which is also great to optimize the controls or to rethink certain features.

By the way, YouTube is not the only place to do this. On other major platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram, you can upload short video snippets of your work to present certain features or scenes of your game.

Make Your Game Available to YouTubers for Free

If you don't have the time for this yourself, as the development of your game simply has priority, you can leave the Let's Plays to big and small YouTubers. In the gaming area in particular, you will find a number of Gaming-YouTubers that specialized in exactly your type of game.

Get in touch with them to ask whether a collaboration would be possible. Providing the right YouTubers with a free copy of your game can be extremely worthwhile, as their YouTube community will now be aware of your game.

Collaborate with Bloggers

Text content can do a lot that videos can't. That's why it's important to include gaming blogs like ours in your marketing. Via search engines like Google, blogs are the first source for content when it comes to effectively finding written information.

While long YouTube videos can't be viewed comfortably on the go, as they drain large amounts of the users mobile data and usually only make sense with headphones, blog posts are easy on the users mobile data, can be enjoyed without headphones and, above all, the entire content is visible at once, you don't have to skip your way through a 30-minute video.

So if you are interested in promoting your new game on a Blog or YouTube channel, please do not hesitate to contact us.