What is blue and orange essence? What do you need them for and how do you get them? You will find out all that and more in this post.

The shop in the League of Legends client uses various ingame currencies. As a beginner it is easy to lose track of what they are all used for. Here you will find an overview of the most important currencies in the LoL client:

Blue Essence (BE)

Blue essences are substantial, because you need them to unlock champions. The costs for the champions are graded according to the age of the champ, and range from 450BE (old champions) to 6300BE (new champions). The price of champions can change downwards, because with new releases of champions others are permanently reduced in price.

In addition to champions, you can also buy cosmetic items and eternals for blue essences. What is important for all players, however, are the rune pages: Since you only have two rune pages at the beginning, changing the runes can quickly become annoying. In the shop you can buy rune pages under Accessories for 6300BE.

You get blue essences for the first victory of the day (50BE), through level ups or through the associated champion capsules that drop champion shards. The champion shards can either be upgraded directly to the champion, or they can be disenchanted for some BE. The amount of BE that you receive for disenchanting depends on the current price in the shop for the champion.

Riot Points (RP)

For Riot Points you get all kinds of cosmetic items: skins, wards, chromas, emotes, but also icons and champions. Rune pages can also be purchased for RP. There are also various bundles when it's time for events again.

However, RP can only be purchased with real money. There is no single way to earn it for free. That makes them valuable and you should use them only on meaningful things. All items in the shop that can also be bought with BE should therefore also be bought with BE.

Orange Essence

This currency is used in the Hextech Crafting and is of great importance for many, because it can be used to craft skins without having to spend money.

Hextech Crafting in League of Legends
Hextech crafting with various loot.

The free loot box, which is activated for your account every week, allows shards to drop for champions, skins, wards, icons and so on. These shards can either be upgraded to the full version of the item or disenchanted. You will receive orange essences for disenchanting skin shards, ward shards, and eternal sets.

With the orange essence you can now upgrade other skin shards and add them to your inventory (forever!). The amount of orange essence you get for disenchanting is again based on the price in the shop.

Mythic Essences (ME)

You can use these purple gems to buy particularly rare skins and other cosmetic items in the Mythic Shop. The mythic essences are very rare. You will receive them on the following occasions:

  • 10 Mythic Essences in Hextech Chests (3,6% drop chance)
  • 10 Mythic Essences at level 150 and then every 50 levels
  • 5 Mythic Essences in Masterwork Chests (4,2% drop chance)
  • Upon reaching Masterwork milestones
  • Event Pass / Capsules

100-125 collected Mythic Essences can be redeemed for one of the Mythic Skins. There are now dozens of Hextech skins to choose from and new ones are being added from time to time. These skins are very valuable because they are extremely rare. For just 50 Mythic Essences you can already unlock a Mythic Ward, which you can use instead of the default Ward Skin.