There will be a huge rework of the item shop including all items in preseason 11. Many items get completely new effects and are almost unrecognizable. In addition, new terms such as ability haste, or omni vamp come into play. What does that mean?

For preseason 11 in patch 10.23, the in-game item shop will be completely overhauled. Not only will the old items be revised, brand new legendary items will also be added. As part of this rework, some champion stats will be given new names and new functionality will be added. But what exactly do ability haste, omni vamp and the others mean?

Ability Haste

Ability haste ​​is the new name for cooldown reduction starting in preseason 11. While the cooldown reduction used to reduce the cooldown of your abilities by a fixed percentage (e.g. 5%), ability haste now scales more slowly, but has no limit (previously a maximum of 40%/45% with runes).

Ability haste is calculated as follows: Base Cooldown / (1 + Ability Haste / 100)

Points of Ability Haste Equals Cooldown Reduction
25 -20%
50 -33%
100 -50%
200 -67%

To what extent it will even be possible to achieve 200 points or even more is questionable. With this new system, a maximum value for ability haste is no longer needed, so too much cooldown reduction should no longer feel so useless.

Omni Vamp

Converts a percentage of all physical, magical, and true damage dealt to health points.

Physical Vamp

Converts a percentage of the physical damage dealt to health points (auto attacks and abilities!).

New: Life Steal converts the damage from auto attacks and on-hit effects into health points (e.g. with Sheen).

Previous changes to Item Stat Names

Even before that, Riot Games came up with new names for the classic armor pen or stealth. Since you cannot intuitively say what the new effect will do, here is small crash course:


Lethality has replaced armor penetration since 2017. This should reduce the snowball potential of assassins.

Instead of a flat value (e.g. +10 armor penetration), lethality scales with your level. As a result, the armor penetration has been weakened in the early game, but at high levels it is back to the same.

The lethality depends on your level and is described by the following formula: Armor penetration = lethality * (0.6 + 0.4 * level / 18). To make it all clear, here is an example for 10 lethality:

Level Armor Penetration at 10 Lethality
1 6
10 8
18 10

Invisible / Camouflage

If your champion's ability has a camouflage effect, you will only remain invisible until you approach enemy champions or towers.

If a spell even has the stat invisible, you can only be revealed by towers. Only when you attack, or the invisibility expires, you will be revealed.

Adaptive Force

Since the end of season 8, the adaptive force has been found mainly in the runes. There you can choose three bonus stats that you want for your runes. It is called adaptive because it depends on your current stats whether you receive Bonus AD or Bonus AP.

One point of adaptive force is converted into either 0,6 attack damage or 1 ability power. This gives you a maximum of 10,8 AD or 18 AP from the runes.