In this article, we would like to show you a detailed guide to tracking down and defeating the 5th boss from Valheim, Yagluth, who will drop the Torn Spirit.


You can find the Vegvisir for Yagluth directly in the Plains.

This is located at a stone gate that looks like Stonehenge.

You won't find the stone gate in every plains biome, so it's advisable to walk through several plains biomes if you don't have luck in the first biome you find.

Stonehenge for Vegvisir Yagluth

If you click on the Vegvisir, the boss symbol for Yagluth appears on your map.

Boss icon on the map

You can see what the boss arena itself looks like, which is located in the open plains, in the following image.

So it can't be missed and, with a bit of luck, can even be discovered while exploring the plains, i.e. without Vegvisir.

Yagluth boss arena

To summon the boss Yagluth, you need a total of 5 Fuling Totems.

Yagluth boss spawn

You can find these either in goblin villages, which are then located on a very conspicuous pedestal for the totem itself.

Fuling Totem on a pedestal in Goblin Village

Or the dead can be dropped by the goblins, the goblin shamans or goblin berserks and you can farm it without always looking for new villages.

Fuling Totem Drop

Once you have collected all 5 Fuling Totems, you can summon the boss.

Boss fight

Yagluth is a boss that can take a lot of punishment and still deal good damage, especially with his abilities, which you should stay safe from.

The boss arena comes in handy here as you can hide behind the large stone spikes sticking out of the ground.

A fire resistance potion is definitely highly recommended here, as Yagluth will cause fire damage, among other things.

Healing potions are also always good for safety.

Yagluth has a few abilities you should be wary of.

Yagluth raises his left hand, which then glows red and rains meteors down on you.

Yagluth raises his right hand, which glows blue, and slams the ground, causing an explosion nova.

Yagluth breathes fire that follows you until you reach safety.


As a reward for defeating Yagluth, you will receive 3x Torn Spirit.

With this you can create a wisp fountain, which will be absolutely necessary for the following area, the Mistlands.


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