For the weekly challenge mode Déjà-vu, you can find a description and a few tips on how best to proceed to complete it here.

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Phasmophobia: Déjà-vu - Herausforderungsmodus
Für den wöchentlichen Herausforderungsmodus Déjà-vu findest du hier eine Beschreibung und ein paar Tipps, wie du dafür am besten vorgehen kannst, um diesen abzuschließen.


In the weekly challenge mode, you play an alternative game variant that you must complete 3 times to receive a big reward in the form of $5,000 and 5,000 experience.

To graduate, all you have to do is find the right spirit.

Even if you die but still chose the right ghost, it counts towards one of the 3 completions.

Completing the challenge mode works best in a group, but of course it is also possible to do it alone.

Some weekly challenges are more challenging than others and may require several attempts.

The big advantage is that you are provided with all the equipment needed for the challenge, so you don't have to spend any money on the rounds.

The disadvantage is that you have to play with the given equipment on the given map in order to complete the game.


The text for the weekly challenge Déjà-vu is not very descriptive, but it suggests that it must be something old, something that has happened before.

Déjà vu Description


Head Gear level 1
Sanity Medication Level 2
Firelight Level 1
Igniter stage 2
Motion sensor level 2
Parabolic microphone level 1
Incense Level 2
Salt level 1
Crucifix Level 2
Sound sensor level 1
EMF Level 2
Photo Camera Level 2
Spirit Box Level 2
Thermometer level 1
Ultraviolet level 2
Ghost Writing Book Level 2
Flashlight level 1
Video camera level 1
Tripod Level 1

Equipment missing:



Tanglewood Drive

Further information

Here you get all the equipment that was standard before the Ascension Update, some level 1 and some level 2 equipment.

Tips on the process

Since the equipment is nearly complete, there are only a few level 1 devices that are not too good, you can approach this however you like.

Personally, I always find it very pleasant to go searching for the ghost room with a flashlight, a thermometer and a ghost book.

Then I use the thermometer to find the room where the temperature drops quickly and thus I have found the ghost room.

I then place the spirit book there so that the spirit has more time to write in it when this evidence is active.

I then add more equipment to search for evidence such as the video camera, the EMF and the ghost box.

Depending on whether you are playing in a group, the whole thing will of course go a lot faster and you can wait for the ghost's evidence or actively search for it, like with the ghost box.


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