In this article, I would like to show you where the Cursed Posessions are located in Sunny Meadows and Sunny Meadows Restricted.

Here you can see an overview map of Sunny Meadows.

I'll show you exactly where the individual cursed objects are located using pictures of the detailed locations.

Sunny Meadows Church

The cursed items in Sunny Meadows and Sunny Meadows Restricted are in the same location.

In order to be able to better interpret where exactly they are located, I have enlarged the room, i.e. the chapel, as otherwise it would have been very confusing.

To get into this chapel, when entering Sunny Meadows, go straight ahead, past the reception, through the double doors and past the wheelchair.

Now take the first door you see on the right.

Once in the chapel, go up the stairs to the large cross.

Monkey Paw

You will find the Monkey Paw directly in front of the large cross, leaning against the bottom of this cross.

Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle is right in the middle of the pedestal.

Haunted Mirror

The Most Haunted Mirror is on the floor to the right of all other cursed items.

Music Box

You can find the music box to the left of the big red circle that is on this pedestal.

Ouija board

The Ouija board is at the bottom left of the big red circle.

Tarot cards

You can find the tarot cards in the bottom right position.

Voodoo doll

The voodoo doll lies at the top of the large red circle, near the large cross.


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