For the weekly challenge mode Glow in the dark, you will find a description and a few tips on how best to proceed in order to complete it well.


The Weekly Challenge Mode is an alternative game variant that you must complete 3 times to receive a big reward of $5,000 and 5,000 experience.

To claim a degree, all you have to do is find the right spirit.

Even if you die but still chose the right ghost, it counts towards one of the 3 completions.

Completing the challenge mode works best in a group, but of course it is also possible to do it alone.

Some weekly challenges are more difficult than others and may require several attempts.

The big advantage is that you are provided with all the equipment needed for the challenge, so you don't have to spend any money on the rounds.

The disadvantage is that you have to play with the given equipment on the given map in order to complete the game.

Glow in the dark

In the weekly challenge mode Glow in the Dark, you must search for the ghost in Edgefield Road with some sparse equipment.

As the text already describes, you have strong limitations when it comes to visibility.


The equipment consists exclusively of level 1 and is missing:

Video camera
Motion sensor

Equipment for the Glow in the Dark challenge


Edgefield Road

Further information

The fuse box is broken from the start, which means you can't turn on any lights in the house.

You also have 1 random cursed item that you can use to better identify the ghost or find it.

Phasmophobia - Cursed Possessions Overview
In this post I summarize all the contributions of the cursed items briefly and clearly.

Tips on the process

Because some equipment is missing and only level 1 equipment is available, it can be a bit more difficult to figure out the correct ghost.

To start with, you should equip yourself with a thermometer, UV light and EMF and put on a head camera if you are playing in a group.

Use the thermometer to find the haunted room by going into each room and looking for a noticeable drop in temperature.

If this happens, go out of the room again to test whether the temperature rises again. If this is the case, the room before was the ghost room and you can place your equipment there.

If you hear something like throwing things around, a door being opened, or a knock on a window while searching for the ghost room, walk towards the sound with the EMF in you to look for active EMF.

If you find the EMF signal, it is most likely the ghost room.

Stay there to be sure and get further signals from the spirit.

In a group, you can look for ghost orbs over the truck with the head camera switched on.


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