In this article you will learn how the EMF reader works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.

EMF Reader Function

The function of the EMF reader and thus also the proof of Geists EMF level 5 will not change from the current status.

This means that the EMF reader will show a reader rash whenever the ghost moves an object, a door, or causes a ghost event to happen.

This has a chance to show EMF level 5 if the ghost has that same evidence, otherwise it shows a lower EMF level.

Tier 1


The first Tier of the EMF reader is an old analog meter with a very short range and a very inaccurate reading that keeps fluctuating back and forth.

In addition, the sound it makes is relatively quiet and it will not be easy for you to quickly identify the exact location of the EMF signal.

Luckily, the needle goes into overdrive mode when it senses EMF level 5, allowing you to at least find that out for sure once you find the location.

Tier 2


The 2nd Tier is the well-known K2 meter.

If you move close to the object, you will get a meaningful result from EMF level 2 to EMF level 5 at medium distance, depending on whether the ghost has the EMF level 5 proof or not.

The sound of this level is also much better audible.

Tier 3


Tier 3 of the EMF reader gets really interesting.

This device can detect up to 3 EMF signals at the same time and also shows you the direction and range of each individual signal!

What's more, it even plays tones for each of the EMF signals being tracked, allowing you to tell from a distance how strong the reading you're receiving is.

With this device, capturing the EMF signals and determining which object the ghost interacted with becomes a much more pleasant experience.

As if that weren't enough, the device also has a longer range to capture the signal than the previous two stages.

Identify the Ghost

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