The hospital in RimWorld is one of the essential rooms of your colony. Without an effective one, the recovery of your colonists will take even longer. You can learn how to set up an optimal hospital in this post.

What your hospital in RimWorld looks like at the end is of course up to you. There are many effective layouts that ultimately have to fit your base. We will show you here which components should not be missing in any hospital!

Room: Hospital

A normal bedroom becomes a hospital once you switch the bed in the room to medical. This means that the assignment as a sleeping spot for the colonist is also gone.

Floor (Cleanliness)

For a hospital, cleanliness is one of the most important factors. That's why you always have to make sure, especially before treatments, that the task "cleaning" is given higher priority.

The maximum cleanliness of the room also depends on the floor. Cleanliness influences the following factors during treatments:

  • Chance of successful operations: Increases
  • Medical tend quality: Increases
  • Chance of infection: Decreases

Depending on your research, you should use one of these floors to get the above effects:

  • Sterile tiles - Cleanliness 0,6 (requires research "Sterile materials")
  • Steel tiles - Cleanliness 0,2 (requires research "Smithing")
  • All other constructed floors - Cleanliness 0

Comparing Normal Bed to Hospital Bed

As soon as the "Hospital bed" research is completed, as many beds as possible in the hospital room should of course be exchanged. This way, your colonists' wounds will heal faster and you will have less trouble with failed operations.

Effect Normal BedHospital Bed
Surgery success chance +0% +10%
Immunity gain factor +7% +11%
Medical tend quality +0% +10%

The quality of any bed also impacts the surgery success chance. Performing a surgery in a higher quality bed will increase the chance of a successful surgery.

Vitals Monitor (Requires Research)

The vitals monitor is in the high-end area for your hospital. After building a Multi-analyzer, you can start researching it. This toy costs steel and components, and it also consumes 80W of electricity constantly. It is therefore worthwhile to only have as many vitals monitors built as necessary.

The vitals monitor must be placed at the head end of a hospital bed. One of these devices can supply several hospital beds at the same time. With an effective layout of your hospital beds, you can save yourself a few vitals monitors. The vitals monitor offers the following advantages for your patients:

  • Surgery success chance: +5%
  • Immunity gain factor: +2%
  • Medical tend quality: +7%
Effective build of hospital in RimWorld
This is what an effective hospital setup in RimWorld could look like. Of course, there is always room for improvement here and there.

More Tips for a Successful Treatment

Controlling and Storing Medicine

Of course, the medicine used is also an important aspect of the treatment. However, to ensure that the valuable Glitterworld medicine is not used for every small cut, you should set the default medicine for colonists to "herbal medicine or worse" under the "Health" tab. That's enough for most minor injuries.

Every colonist should carry Herbal medicine with them in case of an emergency. You can set this under the menu "Assign". There you can indicate on the right which medicine and how much of it should be carried by each colonist.

All medicine, as well as all organs and prostheses should be stored right next to the hospital. Since almost all of these items do not require refrigeration, this room does not need to be refrigerated. Herbal medicine expires without refrigeration, but only after more than 2 years.

The Best Doctor

When creating your colony, you should check whether the "Medical" or "Doctor" skill is sufficient. It is important to have a capable doctor in the colony from the start, and to take special care of him.

Colonists with a high medical skill have a higher chance of being successful with their treatments. At the same time, the quality of these is higher and it takes less time. For each treatment performed, they receive more XP for this skill and thus become better and better.

Watch out for the flames on the medical skill on your colonists. These indicate that the colonist acquires this skill particularly quickly because of its high learning speed. Such colonists are particularly good as doctors, even if they are not currently the best.

The best doctor in your colony should also have their own bedroom near the hospital. In this way you shorten the waiting times for the patients. The doctor has to be in a good physical condition to perform well. Not enough light in the room will also impact the treatment negatively, because this affects the vision of the doctor.

Sleep and Recreation

Since patients also sleep in the hospital bed, the quality of the items also plays a role in comfort. For faster recovery, you can add an end table and a dresser to the high-quality bed .

A Flatscreen Television, which ideally several beds can use at the same time, can also provide relaxation (recreation).