In this article you will learn how the Freezing Temperatures work in the Progression 2.0 update and what Tiers of the thermometer are available.

Freezing Temperatures Function

So far, freezing temperatures have had some issues.

For one thing, the freezing temperatures weren't synchronized, so not every player saw them at the same time.

Also, until now, the thermometer was only useful for finding the ghost room, which is always a bit colder than the other rooms.

Seeing the actual evidence of freezing temperatures didn't require a thermometer, as you just passively spotted it after staying in the ghost room for a while.


The typical cold breath now appears when the room or area is 5-7 degrees Celsius.

This should lead to a better experience and make more sense.

However, in order to determine the proof of freezing temperatures, you will always need one of the thermometers from now on.

Tier 1


The Level 1 thermometer is an old house thermometer that was ripped right off the investigator's living room wall.

With this thermometer you have a slow detection rate, which means you have to wait a long time to get an accurate reading.

You can also put it in a room and just look at it again later to see the exact value and not have to wait all the time.

Tier 2


The Tier 2 thermometer looks exactly like the well-known thermometer that already exists.

However, the way it works is a little different.

Instead of turning it on and waiting 2 seconds for the temperature to appear immediately, you now have to press a button for the thermometer to start a scan and then show you the temperature.


This gives you a significantly faster verification rate compared to the Level 1 thermometer and allows you to check the temperature in any room much more quickly to find out where freezing temperatures may be.

In addition, you can use the manual scanner to carry out a much more precise temperature check than you are used to and you know exactly where the temperatures are.

Tier 3

The Tier 3 thermometer is a direct upgrade of the Tier 2 thermometer, which can perform temperature scans at twice the speed.

Additionally, this modern thermometer gives you a more accurate reading, allowing you to scan rooms much faster and more efficiently to find the ghost or even check for freezing temperatures.

Identify the Ghost

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