In this article you will learn how the incense (previous known as smudge sticks) works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


The incense can save your life by using it.

It ensures that the spirit that is chasing you is repelled and cannot kill you even if you walk through it.

It has a varying length of time effect on different spirits and can be used to find the demon that can hunt again much faster than the other spirits or the spirit that starts hunting again much later than the other spirits.

In order to be able to use the incense, you must have a detonator with you in one of your other inventory slots!

For more detailed differences of the different spirits, I have an overview of each spirit with their characteristics for you.

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To identify or get the right Ghost type i have made a summary of all the articles that describe that to you and how you can uniquely recognize the right Ghost.

Tier 1

The first tier of incense is the already known version.

This has a good range, which is more than enough to save you if you get in trouble and the ghost is after you.

The duration of the ghost's defense is also sufficient at 5 seconds for you to get to safety and interrupt the view of the ghost or even hide.

In the picture you can see what the incense looks like when you are using it.

Tier 2

The second tier of incense gets some noticeable improvements over its previous tier.

For one, the range is increased by 1 meter to 4 meters.

That doesn't seem like much at first, but since the ghost already has a certain range to kill you, every meter that's between you and the ghost is worth its weight in gold.

In addition, the duration of the incense is increased to 6 seconds, which can also save your life if you don't have a hiding place in the immediate vicinity and the ghost is walking around disoriented for even longer.

A new feature of this incense is that if you incense it while hunting, the spirit will be slowed down further.

On the one hand, this can be very helpful so that you can flee from the ghost even better, but it should be kept in mind so that you don't mistake the ghost for one.

Tier 3

The third tier of incense greatly improves on the previous version in all respects.

The range is increased again, now to a total of 5 meters.

The duration is also increased, even by 2 seconds to a total of 7 seconds.

The snare effect is converted to an effect that completely immobilizes the ghost while hunting.

This guarantees you are safe and, unlike the other versions, there is no danger that the ghost will accidentally be smoked exactly in your escape direction and you will lose valuable seconds as a result.

In addition, it is possible for you to take a picture of the ghost or to be able to determine exactly what its blinking behavior is like in order to be able to find the right ghost.

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