In this article you will learn how the sound sensor in the Progression 2.0 update works and what tiers of it are available.


The sound sensor allows you to hear the ghost's activities and sounds while you are in the truck.

To do this, you must place the sound sensor in the house or location of the event.

Then you can click on the double arrow in the truck with the right monitor and increase or decrease the radius.

You can also see activity on this monitor if something happens in the radius.

On the left monitor, you can see the radius of the sound sensor and they change when you click on the double arrow.

Especially in larger locations like Sunny Meadows, this sound sensor can be very helpful in finding the approximate direction of the ghost room.

Tier 1

With the first tier of the sound sensor, you can switch between 2 different ranges.

The initial range is 5 meters, so the ghost needs to be relatively close to the sound sensor for you to hear it.

The second range is 10 meters.

This should allow you to cover most of the floor in most small towns.

This sound sensor is very helpful, especially in small towns.

The sensor shape is a circle, which allows you to cover multiple rooms at once.

Tier 2

With the second tier of the sound sensor, you get an additional range.

The first two ranges remain at 5 meters and 10 meters.

The additional range is 15 meters.

This will allow you to cover an entire floor, especially in small towns.

Even in medium-sized towns, you should be able to cover a large area and perceive the spirit promptly.

Tier 3

The third tier of the sound sensor doesn't get any more range, but it does have more sensor forms with which you can determine the position of the ghost or the ghost room much more precisely.

In addition to the normal circle shape, you also get a cone shape and a side shape.

The other characteristics are identical to those of the predecessors.

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