In this article I would like to explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and the special powers of the Ghosts Deogen and Thaye, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the Ghost.


Hidden Powers of the Deogen

You can't hide from a Deogen!

The Deogen always knows where you are when he is hunting.

He sprints towards you extremely fast when you are far away from him, but is extremely slow when he is close to you.

This makes it easy for you to walk away from him at your normal speed and drag him around a kitchen table or a car.

Just make sure that the ghost always sees you, otherwise it will immediately start sprinting again and can easily catch you!

The Deogen always has the Spirit Box as evidence as long as you have at least one evidence.

Also, the Deogen has a chance to play a unique sound when you interact with it using the Spirit Box, which sounds like deep breathing and doesn't contain words as usual.

The Deogen hunts from 40% average sanity.


Spirit Box
Ghost Writing
D.O.T.S. Projector


Sometimes surrounded by an endless fog, Deogen have been eluding ghost hunters for years.

These ghosts have been reported to find even the most hidden prey, before stalking them into exhaustion.


Deogen constantly sense the living. You can run, but you can't hide.


Deogen require a lot of energy to form and will move very slowly when approaching its victim.


Hidden Powers of the Thaye

The Thaye ages over time when you are near it.

While young, it is much more active and ages into a slow and inactive ghost.

Hunt Threshold, Activity, Speed, and Ghost Event chance decrease as he ages.

If you ask "How old are you?" at the Ouija board, he will always give you a different answer depending on his age.

The Thaye hunts from 75% average sanity down to a minimum of 15% depending on its ageing process.


Ghost Orb
Ghost Writing
D.O.T.S. Projector


Thaye have been known to rapidly age over time, even in the afterlife. From what we've learned, they seem to deteriorate faster while within the presence of the living.


Upon entering the location, Thaye will become active, defensive and agile.


Thaye will weaken over time, making them weaker, slower and less aggressive.

Equipment Upgrades

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Identify the Ghost

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