In this article I would like to explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and the special powers of the Ghost The Mimic and Moroi, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the Ghost.

The Mimic

Hidden Powers of The Mimic

The Mimic can mimic the behaviour of any other ghost.

The mimic will always have Ghost Orbs as evidence, even if you play without evidence !

Because the Ghost Orbs aren't actually evidence of The Mimic, you should always keep an eye on the other evidence of The Mimic when ghost orbs appear.

Otherwise, you can very easily be fooled by him.

A Mimic cannot change its behaviour during a hunt !

The mimic hunts, depending on which ghosts he is mimicking at the moment.


Spirit Box
Freezing Temperatures


The Mimic is an elusive, mysterious, copycat ghost that mirrors traits and behaviours from others, including other ghost types.


We're unsure what this ghost is capable of. Be careful.


Several reports have noted ghost orb sightings near mimics.


Hidden Powers of the Moroi

The Moroi will curse you if you successfully make contact with him using the voice box or parabolic microphone, which will greatly increase your sanity loss.

You can easily test whether you are cursed, as the loss also occurs when you are holding a lit candle, which would normally prevent the sanity from sinking. To test the whole thing, you have to be in the house with the burning candle.

Once you take Sanity Pills, you undo the Moroi's curse again.

If you irritate the Moroi with incense sticks while hunting, it will be blinded and run around randomly for 12 seconds.

A Moroi gets faster the less sanity you have.

The Moroi hunts at 50% average sanity.


Spirit Box
Ghost Writing
Freezing Temperatures


Moroi have risen from the grave to drain energy from the living. They have been known to place curses on their victims, curable only by antidotes or moving very far away.


The weaker their victims, the stronger the Moroi becomes.


Moroi suffer from hyperosmia, weakening them for longer periods.

Equipment Upgrades

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