In this article you will learn how the photo camera works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


The photo camera is a very helpful tool that you should use to complete a variety of tasks during the examination.

Perhaps the most obvious task is to take pictures.

Depending on the quality, measured in 1 - 3 star photos, you can earn a lot of money with these pictures at the end of the round.

Star photos depend on how central the object you are photographing is and how far away you are from it, with proximity being more important.

Images can be made of all sorts of activities of the mind.

If it passes an object like a plate or touches a door causing it to move, you can take a picture of it for a limited period of time.

You can also take a picture of the cursed possessions at any time, and even take another picture of some as they are being used.

You can even clearly identify the phantom using a photo, because this ghost becomes invisible once a photo of its ghost form is taken.

This can be tested during a ghost event as well as during a hunt.

If you manage to take only 3-star photos and fill the photo album with them, you will receive a bonus for a perfect round at the end of the round.

Tier 1

The tierevel 1 photo camera is still an old Polaroid camera that takes a long time between multiple photos.

In addition, it takes a while for the photos to print out.

It serves its purpose, but is a bit annoying to use and takes up a large area of the screen when you have it actively equipped.

The advantage of this version is that it is not considered an electronic item.

Tier 2

The second tier of the photo camera is much more pleasant to use.

You can take several pictures in a row much faster.

You also have a display screen that shows you how the object you want to photograph is in the focus of the photo camera.

This version is electric, which allows the ghost to sense you during a hunt if you have it actively equipped.

Tier 3

With the third tier of the photo camera, you can take several pictures in a row much more quickly.

The image quality is also increased in this version.

This version does not have any other positive features.

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