In this article you will learn how the motion sensor in the Progression 2.0 update works and what tiers of it are available.


The motion sensor detects any movement and shows it in the form of at least a light indicator, and at higher tiers even an audio indicator.

You can use it to determine the ghost's current position when it passes through the motion sensor.

However, players also trigger this effect, which can get confusing when multiple motion sensors hit at the same time.

This motion sensor is not of any massive use in finding out the type of ghost.

Most often it is used when it is a task during the mission to get some extra money.

Tier 1

The first tier of the sound sensor gives you a simple line shape of the sensor that radiates straight ahead from the sound sensor.

If the spirit passes through this sensor, the sound sensor emits a light signal.

However, the sound sensor is also triggered when a player walks through it.

This can sometimes make it a little confusing as to where the ghost is actually located when multiple sound sensors are triggered or other players are near the sound sensors.

You can use this sound sensor at a medium distance to find out the ghost's current position or to complete a mission.

You can also place salt near the triggered sound sensor to look for ultraviolet evidence or test for a ghost.

Tier 2

In addition to the linear shape of the sensor, the second tier of the sound sensor also has a cone shape.

This allows you to cover a larger area with the sound sensor.

In addition, this variant of the sound sensor also has an audio indicator and gives you a signal tone in addition to the light signal when its sensor is triggered.

Tier 3

The third and final tier of the sound sensor only has a circle sensor and thus loses the line sensor, which is less accurate anyway.

A big change from its predecessors is that this version only works when the ghost moves through its sensor.

This means you can determine the exact position of the ghost and will no longer be confused by other players running through it.

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