In this article you will learn how the Sanity medicine works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


With the help of Sanity medicine you can restore your sanity.

The amount of recovery depends on the chosen difficulty or the personally set values.

This is generally deducted from you automatically and slowly by the spirit as long as you are in the mission location.

You don't lose sanity in the truck.

The lower your Sanity, the more likely the ghost is to start a hunt.

You can find the exact times and characteristics below, in the recognition of the ghosts.

Various activities of the mind can cause your sanity to decline more quickly.

Some ghosts can even be clearly recognized.

I have summarized some examples of this for you.

The Moroi will curse you if you use the spirit box and get a response from the spirit, causing you to lose Sanity much more quickly, which you can negate by taking Sanity medicine.

The Djinn can use his ability to drain a larger amount of Sanity in one fell swoop, thereby leaving an EMF signal on the electrical box.

A ghost event also deducts Sanity when it appears or reaches you.

Tier 1

The first tier of Sanity Medicine simply gives you sanity recovery, which occurs over a period of time.

This removes the cursed status that, as previously mentioned, can be inflicted on you by the Moroi if you get a response with the spirit box.

Tier 2

The second tier of sanity medicine is probably the most unsatisfying new upgrade to an item.

This just makes the sanity recovery speed a little faster.

It does not bring any more sanity back and has no other additional positive aspect.

But it is necessary to unlock the next tier, which in turn brings a very powerful new effect.

Tier 3

The third tier of Sanity Medicine gets an increase in Sanity recovery speed.

As already mentioned, this version of Sanity Medicine also has a very good new effect.

During the effect, you do not expend stamina while sprinting, allowing you to cover a much longer distance while running in front of the ghost.

It is also possible, of course, if you go into the truck to restore your sanity, so that you can return to the ghost room even more quickly.

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