In this article you will learn how the tripod works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers are available.

Tripod Function

So far, the ghosts have ignored cameras and tripods or even tripods, so you could film freely with your friends and find out special properties of the ghost.

But now it's time for the ghosts to start getting in front of the cameras and knocking them over too.

This makes it all the more difficult to recognize certain characteristics of the spirit, but also some evidence simply through the camera in the truck.

But this is where the tripods come into play.

Once you place a camera on a tripod, the likelihood of a ghost knocking over the tripod and the camera on it decreases greatly.

Tier 1


The first tier of tripods has seen better days.

The rough plastic and scratched legs don't feel the most sturdy, but they're still a whole lot better than just leaving the camera lying around.

So always place a camera on the tripod if possible.

Tier 2


The 2nd tier of the tripod, on the other hand, seems much more stable and stable.

In addition, this tripod comes with a motorized attachment that allows you to remotely control the video camera placed on it from the safe truck.

This allows you to pan the camera back and forth so you can get a much better view of the ghost's activities without being attacked by it.

Tier 3


The 3rd tier of the tripod has the same motorized attachment as the previous stage.

Only the stability of this tripod has been significantly improved, which means that it can hardly be knocked over by the spirit.

In order to return as close as possible to the previous standard, this tripod is definitely the best choice to provide the camera with the necessary protection from the derailleur.

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