A caption can be used to add a heading to a HTML table. This makes it easy to understand what the table is about.

In this example, the table itself does not tell which game it is about. With a heading, the table is completely self-explanatory and could also stand alone.

<caption> Text of the Caption </caption>
A caption for the table is created with <caption> </caption>
League of Legends Skin Drop Chance in Hextech Chests
Skin-Tier Skin Count Drop Chance
Ultimate 5 0,26%
Mythic 35 0,04%
Legendary 59 3,02%
Epic 333 17,04%
Common 580 29,68%

The caption bracket is inserted in between the <table></table>  brackets:

  <caption>League of Legends Skin Drop Chance in Hextech Chests</caption>
    <th>Skin Count</th>
    <th>Drop Chance</th>
  <tr bgcolor="#FFA500">