League of Legends

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Minute 50, the nexus falls. gg ez.

League of Legends: Change These Settings as a New Player!

New League of Legends accounts all have the same default settings. However, some of them are not yet optimal and should therefore be adjusted by you as soon as possible.

League of Legends: Exists Damage Creep in LoL?

Damage creep is a prominent issue in online games. In this post you will learn what damage creep is and what problems are associated with it in LoL.

League of Legends: What do You Need to get Started With LoL?

It doesn't really take much to get started in LoL. In contrast to many other games, you do not have to invest hundreds of hours just to meet the same requirements as players with more playing time. You can find out exactly what you need in this post.

League of Legends: These Factors Influence the Meta

In every game, over time the best way is figured out to play the game. The meta in LoL defines, which tactics are currently strong and which are not. But what factors actually influence the meta?

League of Legends: Minion Wave Management and Manipulation

The goal of wave management in LoL is to control the movement of minions, although they can't actually be controlled directly by the player. You can still influence the minions through various tactics.

League of Legends: All Maps and Game Modes

If you click "Play" in the LoL Launcher, you can choose from many different game modes. In this post you will learn everything about them.

League of Legends: What to do in the First 2 Minutes of the Game

It takes until minute 1:05 for the minions to spawn. The red and blue buff spawns at 1:40. Until the lane really starts, it takes almost until minute 2. What should you do during this time?