In this post, I want to introduce you to the abilities or abilites of Venomess, how to use them to best support your team and yourself.


In order to get as much benefit as possible from the abilities of and the healing they generate, it is recommended to focus primarily on the Ability Power stat.

The stat priority would therefore be:

Ability Power > Weapon Power = Criti Power > Max Health = Crit Rating



Master of Venoms

With Venomess's Passive Ability, Master of Venoms, you cause a stacking debuff on the enemy when you hit the enemy with your weapon.

This debuff stacks up to 5 times and deals increasing damage as the stack increases.

If the opponent has the maximum number of stacks, your next hit creates a poison cloud that deals damage and distributes additional stacks to opponents who move through this poison cloud.


Venomess's first active ability is Transfusion.

This lets you shoot poison needles that target nearby enemies and cause damage.

In addition, a healing projectile flies back from the hit enemy to a nearby player, healing them.

If the opponent has already been affected by the passive debuff, this healing projectile also heals over time.

Vampiric Blast

The second active ability is Vampiric Blast.

With this, you throw a bomb that can absorb up to 5 poison clouds nearby and damage enemies and heal allies in the area of effect according to the number of poison clouds absorbed.

Toxic Thrusters

The last normal active ability is Toxic Thrusters.

This allows you to sprint in a selected direction, leaving behind several poison clouds.

These poison clouds deal damage and can be absorbed by your Vampiric Blast.

Deep Breath

Venomess' ultimate skill is Deep Breath.

With this, you create a fairly large explosion that deals high damage to all enemies hit and provides them with 5 stacks of Enhanced Poison, which deals damage over time and counts as additional poison blasts for your passive skill.

Ability Points


You first distribute the ability points from Venomess to the Transfusion skill.

This means your ability deals more damage, heals allies hit more and also shoots 2 homing needles.

You can use this ability very often due to its low cooldown and use it offensively or heal allies very quickly if they have taken damage.

Vampiric Blast

You invest the next 3 Ability Points in Vampiric Blast.

This ensures higher healing through the effect of the bomb thrown.

In addition, the absorbed poison clouds deal direct damage before they are absorbed and players are also healed over time by absorbed clouds.

This means you are already very specialized in the support role.

Toxic Thrusters

You can invest one last ability point in poisonous thrusters.

This allows you to create an additional cloud of poison when using Toxic Thrusters, which can deal damage to enemies or be absorbed by Vampiric Blast.


For an optimal Venomess support build, I recommend a ranged weapon, as it allows you to build up your poison stacks and use your abilities from a safe distance.

My personal favorite is the Nightshade.

But of course, weapons like Arcstorm also work very well.

But of course, on the basic weapon Random, which can be bought for gold.


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