In this post, I'd like to introduce you to the abilities or abilites of Venomess, how to use them to farm bosses as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The most important Echoes in this build are Echoes, which increase your Crit Power, which is the damage you deal with critical hits.

The best place to farm these is in the bone garden and kill the wolves and talons there to get their echoes.

Furthermore, you should also focus on both weapon power and ability power, as Venomess scales very well with both stats.

The stat priority would therefore be:

Crit Power > Ability Power = Weapon Power > Maximum Health


Here you use a melee weapon to stack your debuff from your passive ability as quickly as possible using the fast attack speed and weapon skill.

Night's Edge is my favorite choice here.

With this weapon, you go into battle as soon as possible and try to charge the weapon's ability.

This becomes stronger the more combo points you have accumulated when you use the weapon skill.

Additionally, you get a short period of invulnerability when you use the weapon skill.

Upon activating the weapon skill, all of your weapon attacks will double trigger for a short time, allowing you to use your passive skill's poison stacks on the opponent that much faster.

Ability Points


You only use Transfusion when you have taken damage and need to heal.

You deal damage much faster and better with your daggers.

Vampiric Blast

Vampiric Blast is best used when there are enough Poison Clouds nearby to deal maximum damage.

To maximize this damage potential, you need the 2nd Ability Point in this ability.

Venom Thrusters

Venom Thrusters gives you an extra poison cloud with the 1st Ability Point, which you can then use for extra damage from Vampiric Blast.

The 2nd Ability Point gives you a very good temporary damage reduction if the enemies do a little too much damage to you.


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