Here you will learn how to farm Cragged Spectra. You'll also occasionally find worm bait on this route, and if you're lucky, you'll even find the world boss Night's Maw.

Cragged Spectra

You need split spectra to produce so-called Imbuements.

You can make this on any Echo Matrix.

You may still have enough of these Imbuements at the beginning, but they will be used up relatively quickly, especially later in the game.

You use these primarily to add a Mutator to a dungeon.

This makes this dungeon more challenging and allows you to drop more special items that are exclusive to this Mutator.

Starting point

Here you can see on the map where we will start farming Cragged Spectra.

In the background you can already see that there are already 2 occurrences of Cragged Spectra at exactly this position.

From this point, head south into the cave.

There, immediately after entering the cave, you will find another occurrence on the right side.

If you follow this path, you will find the next occurrence a little further.

From this deposit, directly to the left, you will find a spawn point for a treasure, in which there can be a chest, which in turn contains a worm bait, which you need to summon the world boss Night's Maw.

On a wooden platform you will find a skeleton chest that you can open using a skeleton key.

From this skeleton chest you can, among other things, get ready-made Imbuements.

If you continue following the path, you will find 2 more occurrences of Cragged Spectra.

You can see the first one here:

The second is right in front of the entrance to the world boss Night's Maw.

You can summon this yourself if you already have 3 worm baits or you can wait until other players appear at this location and summon the world boss.

Worldboss Night's Maw

From this position you can simply follow the path back.

Along the way, you may encounter a few smaller worm enemies that you can knock down for some extra experience.

After a few minutes, the individual locations for Cragged Spectra will respawn again and you can start the route again.


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