I'll show you a build guide for the Engineer character, what team members you should choose and what skills you should focus on.

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Engineer Build Guide
Ich zeige dir einen Build Guide für den Charakter Engineer, welche Team Mitglieder du wählen solltest und auf welche Fähigkeiten du setzen solltest.

The engineer gives you as a team leader a 10% cooldown reduction.


The Engineer starts with a taser.

This is also the powerup you should choose first to max it out.

Depending on how many zombies you have already killed with the character as a team leader, you can develop your weapon further.

From the start, it is possible to evolve the weapon into a Tesla.

If you've just killed enough zombies, you have a choice of either putting the gun in the laser

Or to further develop the blaster.

The blaster goes through the first few enemies, damaging them in the process, and then explodes, dealing good area damage, making it more suitable for nearby enemies.

The laser deals damage to all enemies it hits with its laser beam, making it more of a ranged weapon.

Personally, I like the blaster better because it deals more damage and gives me more control over nearby enemies instead of hitting enemies that are further away, which I don't already see as a threat.


Arguably the Engineer's strongest ability is Electrocution.

This will deal moderate damage to all nearby enemies, but it's quite enough to kill all of the smaller zombies.

I also recommend upgrading the ability as soon as possible, as this will increase the range and reduce the cooldown and you will gain very good control over the opponents.

If you already have the Engineer at level 3, you can choose the Energy Shield.

This is also extremely powerful as it shocks all nearby enemies, similar to Electrocution, and deals moderate damage to them.

Leveling up this ability increases duration and damage and reduces cooldown, which also makes it very useful to max out this ability.


Once you've maxed out your weapon and character abilities, you should grab your first recruit.

For this I primarily recommend the SWAT.

In SWAT, you first max out his Helicopter Strike ability.

This initially has a very high cooldown, but this is greatly reduced by upgrades.

He also later possesses strong weapon developments.

Which would first be the SMG.

And then either the Sniper Rifle, which is extremely strong against bosses.

Or the Assault Rifle, which has high base damage, a well-filled magazine and a fast rate of fire.

Alternatively, or as the next recruit, the tank is suitable.

Or, if already available, the Ghost.

This, along with his Protocol: Critical ability, is his extremely powerful addition to your team.


Once you have the chance to choose the teddy bear, you should definitely do it for the extreme happiness.

What exactly this stat does, I'll explain to you here:

Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Happiness
In this short post I will explain you general information about the stat Happiness in the game Yet Another Zombie Survivors, how to get it and what exactly this stat brings.

In addition, Nuts & Bolts are very good for skill cooldown reduction.

But of course also items that increase weapon damage and fire rate.

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