In this short post I will explain you general information about the stat Happiness in the game Yet Another Zombie Survivors, how to get it and what exactly this stat brings.

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Happiness
In diesem kurzen Beitrag erkläre ich dir Allgemeines zu dem Stat Happiness in dem Spiel Yet Another Zombie Survivors, wie du ihn bekommst und was dieser Stat genau bringt.

What is Yet Another Zombie Survivors?

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a different kind of action roguelike.

Untypically, like the classic Vampire Survivors or the recently completely released Brotato, in Yet Another Zombie Survivors you play several characters at the same time, each with their own weapons and abilities.

This allows you to create your very own build and a special way of playing by just selecting the individual characters.

What is happiness?

Happiness is probably the stat that raises the most questions, as it doesn't really explain what it does.

The stat ensures that opponents have a higher chance of dropping life orbs and power-ups.

So to compare it to other action roguelikes, it's like the stat Luck, which also increases your chance of getting more powerups, life regen items, or better items in general.

How do you get happiness?

Currently, the only way to get the Happiness stat is by collecting the yellow crates, which are also indicated with a yellow arrow.

If you collect these boxes, you will get a selection of different items that improve your characters.

With a bit of luck you will get the Teddy Bear, which increases your happiness.


From team level 20 you can also unlock happiness as a passive bonus for your runs. This then increases your chance of power-ups and life orbs right from the start and makes the game even easier for you.

Get happiness, right?

To put it briefly - yes.

Because it is currently the only way to get happiness, you should always get this item, since you can also get all the other stats through passive traits or other items.

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