I'll show you a build guide for the character tank, which team members you should choose and which skills you should focus on.

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Tank Build Guide
Ich zeige dir einen Build Guide für den Charakter Tank, welche Team Mitglieder du wählen solltest und auf welche Skills du setzen solltest.

The tank gives you as a leader increased max HP of 100.


The tank starts with a shotgun, which you should level up first, since its initial skills aren't particularly strong and that's the best way to kill enemies.

Then evolve the shotgun into the pump-action shotgun.

With this, the tank will attack much faster and you will be able to eliminate many more zombies.

If you already have the next Weapon Upgrade unlocked, take the Minigun.

You can easily get rid of zombies next to you and from the far aswell.


Once you've maxed out your weapon, you should get your first recruit.

My first choice for this would be the Engineer.

With his skills, he brings you a huge damage boost and a very strong clear of zombies around you.

Get Electrocution here first.

This skill shocks all enemies around you every few seconds and becomes even more efficient with upgrades, reducing cooldown and increasing range.

If you've already unlocked it, you should definitely get the Energy Shield.

Similar to Electrocution, this shocks all zombies around you. However, this shield lasts a few seconds and goes with your team.

Upgrading this skill increases its damage and duration, and reduces its cooldown.

Weapon upgrades on Tesla

and later on Blaster

Make the Engineer an extremely powerful addition to your team.

I recommend the Ghost as the next recruit.

He boosts your team with his skill Protocol: Critical.

The duration of the skill is increased by the upgrade.

The Weapon of the Ghost's final form is also extremely powerful if you've already unlocked it.


Above all, get items that reduce your cooldowns, such as Nuts & Bolts, which you can also get multiple times.

If you have enough, you can even keep the Engineer's Energy Shield up permanently!

In addition, the teddy bear is always a very good choice for happiness.

You can find out exactly how happiness works here:

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In this short post I will explain you general information about the stat Happiness in the game Yet Another Zombie Survivors, how to get it and what exactly this stat brings.

To strengthen the characters' weapons, you can also treat yourself to these corresponding items.

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