After the incident with Andreas Kieling, Fritz Meinecke makes a statement in his livestream on Twitch that lasts over 40 minutes. The whole thing is also available as a YouTube video.

Fritz Meinecke commented on the incident at “7 vs. Wild” in his statement. He had already announced in advance that he would only comment if there was a statement from those involved. This has now been done by a lawyer from Andreas Kieling, who denies all allegations. That's why Fritz Meinecke now spoke in detail about the incident in his live stream.

Affe auf Bike has also commented personally on the topic and would now like to consider the topic closed. I hope so too and that's why this was the last article in the blog about it for now. By the way, have you seen the Affe-auf-Bike van that she apparently builds herself? How excited are you for the upcoming season? I think Affe and Hannah handled it brilliantly and have always been one of the teams I'm particularly excited about.


“We reject the baseless and vague allegations against my client,” explained Kieling’s lawyer, Dirk Giesen, to the “Bild” newspaper.

Now we have a clearer idea of what happened in the "incident." Here is the original video: YouTube link

According to Fritz Meinecke's statement, the incident happened as follows: There was a short break at a rest area at a gas station. Fritz Meinecke talked to Andreas Kieling there. Kieling decided he wanted to dance, took out his cell phone, started music, gave the cell phone to Fritz and started dancing. Andreas Kieling then asked Hannah Assil to dance several times, not only verbally but also by pulling her wrists and so on. However, Hannah clearly refused with gestures.

"...when I notice signs, physical signs, stretching my arms, turning away, avoiding questions, then I always have to realize that maybe that's not quite so appropriate." Fritz Meinecke

Fritz Meinecke's intention was to free Hannah from this unpleasant situation. He therefore called in "Affe auf Bike" under the pretext that Ann-Kathrin wanted to discuss something with Hannah so that both of them could leave the situation. Unfortunately, "Affe auf Bike" was unaware of the previous context and the entire situation. According to Fritz Meinecke, Andreas Kieling had said, among other things: "... now come on and don't feel like that."

Affe auf Bike finally agreed to dance with Andreas Kieling. Then, according to Fritz Meinecke, the following happened:

[note from me: tight circular hip movements]Fritz Meinecke YouTube (transcript) Original video: YouTube

Here are a few more important quotes from Fritz Meinecke's YouTube video:

  • "There was a situation where Andreas Kieling asked Anna [Ann-Kathrin] whether she had sweaty, wet feet in her heavy motorcycle boots and whether they smelled too."
  • “He would rather spend 14 days outside with the girls and show them a little, a little something, teach them a little something.”
  • “Then there were situations where he said loudly to Joey Kelly on the bus, a lot of people noticed, yes, that's how they are, that's how women are, first they have a big mouth and then they keep their tails between their tails.”
  • "It wasn't the girls who came to us and said, either you throw them out or we leave, you throw them out or we go out in public, that didn't happen."

After Fritz Meinecke's clear and detailed account of the incident, to which there are numerous witnesses, it should now be clear to everyone that the situation was clearly a border crossing. Comments like those made by various people on the Instagram post are completely inappropriate. Unfortunately, this topic will probably keep us busy for a while, as Kieling's lawyer probably won't let the whole thing stand.