In this blogpost I analyze the possible location of the 3rd season of 7 vs. Wild. My guesses are based on a video from Fritz and a little research. My guess: Vancouver Island.

Update (08/14/2023):

The locations were more or less leaked, through different Instagram stories and different details pointing to the locations.

Here is Fritz's video in which he gives the first insight into the location:

In this video the location of 7 vs. Wild Season 3 was revealed, Season 3 of 7 vs. Wild will take place in British Columbia, Canada. Expected to be on Vancouver Island.

The alleged location of 7 vs. Wild - Season 3 | Map material:

A varied area is therefore offered to the participants, with lakes, rivers, rocks, dense and less dense vegetation. There will be tides on the coast, but much less garbage than on Panama. Furthermore, it is expected to rain on a third of the days and temperatures will be between 15 and 25 degrees. At night it can sometimes go down to 5 degrees Celsius. Temperatures at night will be between 5 and 15 degrees.

The region is rich in wild animals such as otters, black bears and pumas. There is a good overview here

Small animals can be hunted, i.e. set traps to get food and of course you can fish. So I hope that a lot of fish will be eaten this year.

Here is a size comparison, it is immediately clear: Vancouver Island is not small. Area: 32,000 km² | Map material:

My attempt to find out more about the location

First thing I did was visit the website: - Various parks are listed on this website. So nature reserves or the like. I assume that these areas are already taboo for the series.

"Pacific Rim National Park", the provincial parks and other protected areas are therefore out of the question. Since we know from the driftwood that we are on the west coast and that there will be freshwater as well as saltwater, I have worked out some possible areas for my research. Source: Screenshot website

Furthermore, the team needs a base camp, i.e. a hotel, campsite or similar to spend the night there and to organize everything. I'm assuming that 5-star hotels will disappear, so I've limited myself to the basics.

Then there are some video excerpts with which I could possibly start something. For example, there is this shot that Fritz Meinecke describes well. Probably some kind of fjord, ie salt water connected to the Pacific.

Screenshot Youtube 7 vs Wild Location Reveal -

As Fritz said, clearly a boat and you can see the tide line quite well. Furthermore, you can't see any mountains in the distance! This is important in order to be able to further restrict the location. Then there is another shot in which a few hills can be seen but more like 200-400m high at most.

image description Possible match in British Columbia/Vancouver Island
Pond/small lake surrounded by conifers and algae (image 1) Lakes and ponds are common on Vancouver Island
Dense forest with fallen trees (Image 2) Temperate rainforests with dense undergrowth are typical of the region
Shoreline with rough stones, driftwood, coniferous trees, boat (pic 3) Vancouver Island's coastlines exhibit these characteristics
Helicopter shot of coniferous trees, hilly landscape (image 4) The island has many wooded hills and coniferous forests
Coniferous trees in a swampy area (Image 5) Wetlands and flooded areas can be found near the coast
Clear lake with water lilies and conifers (image 6) Lakes with water lilies can be found in British Columbia, coniferous forests are widespread
Fallen tree (pic 7) Strong winds can knock down trees, a common phenomenon on the island
Tracks that look like a wolf (pic 8) Wolves are native to British Columbia, including Vancouver Island
Low mountains, young bears (pic 9) Low mountains are found in the island's flatter topography, and bears are native

Most likely, but that's just my guess and Otto had mentioned something like that once, it will be Vancouver Island or another island or coastal region in the more northern region of British Columbia.

Here are some other clues as to why it could be Vancouver Island or a more northerly coastal region:

  1. West Coast Location : Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island has both salt water (coastal regions) and fresh water (lakes and rivers).
  2. Active Lifestyle : The island offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, fishing and wildlife viewing.
  3. Food and Resources : Vancouver Island is known for its rich wildlife, including fish, shellfish and wildlife such as bears and wolves that could be hunted, as well as a variety of edible plants.
  4. Wildlife and Weather : The island is home to a wide variety of animals, including those of the species mentioned above. The weather also fits Fritz's description well, with mild temperatures and regular rain.
  5. Terrain : Vancouver Island has a diverse topography that includes dense forests, open spaces, lakes, rivers, coastal regions and mountains.

In conclusion, one can only say that we don't know the exact location yet. Vancouver Island is definitely a good choice and "Alone" has also taken place on Vancouver Island. The question is whether the team will take a similar location or even switch to one of the many islands further north. The exact location will only be found out when there are more images and information.

In any case, the many parks and the somewhat higher tourist utilization of the island compared to other islands in the coastal region speak against Vancouver Island. It will definitely remain exciting!


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