The 3rd season of 7 vs. Wild comes with a surprise: Andreas Kieling is out, Jan Lange is in. Find out the reasons for the change and the reaction of the community in our blog post.


The participants of the famous YouTube show "7 vs. Wild Team Edition - Season 3", which will also be broadcast on Amazon Freevee this year, have now arrived back in Germany. This season is about surviving 14 days in the Canadian wilderness as a team of two. You can find out exactly where the third season took place and what other rumors there are here on our blog in the “7 vs. Wild” category.

Update September 1st, 2023:

The incident

Several teams competed in “7 vs. Wild”, including the professional team with Andreas Kieling and Joey Kelly. There has already been speculation on Reddit as to why Andreas Kieling cannot be seen in any photos. Now we know: Andreas Kieling did not take part in the third season and was excluded in advance. This information was announced on August 29, 2023 by the management of “7 vs. Wild”. According to official information, it was a "very unpleasant border crossing" against Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, also known as "Affe auf Bike". Andreas Kieling was then excluded from the production, and Jan Lange stepped in as a replacement.

Screenshot Instagram, story from the official 7 vs. Wild channel.

Here is the message in the exact wording:

Due to an incident between Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (monkey on bike) and Andreas Kieling during the preparation phase in Canada, we decided before the participants were suspended that Andreas Kieling would not take part in the 3rd season of "7 vs Wild". It was a border crossing that we did not want to and could not tolerate. The shooting star Jan (Schlappen) Lange, who had already arrived as a reservist, stepped in as team partner for Joey Kelly. (Instagram, 7 vs. Wild, September 29th, 2023 )

Production reaction

The team behind “7 vs. Wild” reacted quickly and excluded Andreas Kieling before the start of the season. Jan Lange stepped in as a replacement for Andreas Kieling.

Community reaction

Many people on Reddit are looking forward to Jan Lange, and I'm also excited about his participation.

Update August 30, 2023: I I can actually only agree with the statement of the “Naturensöhne”:

naturensoehne We are horrified and can't believe what's going on at @affe_auf bike in the comments. How can people be so ignorant and disgusting and pillory Ann-Kathrin even though she is the victim in this situation. Shame on you, you disgusting people! Facts: The border crossing was observed by well over 10 people consisting of participants, organizers and film crew. So there is nothing to question. Andreas Kieling acted across borders in a way that seemed absolutely disgusting to us. You don't really believe that the @7vswild organization would make such a statement and exclude Andreas Kieling from participating if it wasn't absolutely necessary. So everyone (who needs to feel addressed), take a look, support the victim and don't encourage the perpetrator. Just because you have an ideal image of a person in public who is shaken by his immoral actions does not give you the right to lead a witch hunt against Ann-Kathrin. Any comment that engages in any form of victim shaming or contains stupid statements on this topic will be deleted without comment and the corresponding account will be blocked. Finally, we wish Ann-Kathrin a lot of strength to get through the whole thing. Love goes out
Sons of nature on Instagram. Screenshot Instagram August 30, 2023

The Naturensöhne have summed up everything that's going on with Monkey on Bike on their channel quite well on Instagram and I can agree with that.

Jan Lange gets in

If you don't know Jan Lange yet, you can view his application for "7 vs. Wild" here . Ann-Kathrin commented on Jan Lange's entry into the show on an Instagram post from Jan Lange: "At least there's something good about the whole thing."

Importance to the show

I think Jan Lange will be an asset to the show. It is also positive that the topic has now been checked off for Ann-Kathrin Bendixen.

Here again the message from Monkey on Bike in the exact wording:

Shortly before the start of the new season of 7vsWild there was an incident with Andreas Kieling. It was a very unpleasant border crossing for me. The production reacted immediately and excluded Andreas from participating. Andreas then apologized to me for the incident. So the topic is currently ticked off for me. (Instagram, Affe auf Bike, August 29, 2023)