Many fans of "7 vs. Wild" are wondering when the first episode of the third season will finally be released. This question and where exactly "7 vs. Wild" can be followed, I briefly clarify in this small blog post.

For everyone who doesn't know 7 vs. Wild yet

"7 vs. Wild" is the ultimate outdoor/reality/bushcraft event in recent years. It would be inappropriate to compare this format with the normal "reality" formats that we are familiar with in abundance from commercial television stations. The whole thing started as a community project, partly by the initiator Fritz Meinecke. In the first season, contestants were allowed to choose 7 items to survive 7 nights in the wilderness; there were also challenges that had to be overcome in order to emerge as a "winner". The first season took place in Sweden. A second season soon followed, this time with even more famous streamers and survival experts like Otto Bulletproof. Here the concept was minimally changed; depending on the skill level of the participant, they were allowed to take a maximum of 7 items with them.

Season 3 is a teams edition this time, with a total of 14 participants, divided into teams of two. The challenge this season is to pack everything into a 1 liter wide mouth Nalgene bottle *.

From Youtube to Amazon Freevee

After these two successful seasons, it was uncertain if a third season would ever happen. But Fritz and his team hooked Amazon Freevee on board as one of the main sponsors. Furthermore, the marketing was probably placed with an external studio (Calivision) (sale of the word mark "7 vs. Wild").

"7 vs. Wild" isn't just entertainment; it's an example of how social media can grow into premium entertainment on the big screen. Gerrit Kemming, Managing Director of Quintus Studios, says this format shows how traditional TV and streaming platforms can benefit from the community power of social video platforms. The question I ask myself is whether linear television as we know it can keep up? I do not think so.

When is the first episode of season three coming out?

As of August 2023, it is planned to publish the first episodes exclusively on Amazon Freevee. A week later the episode will also be available on YouTube. Then streamers and YouTubers can react to the consequences as usual.

  • Episodes will be EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon Freevee * one week before Youtube release! There will be an episode twice a week. The first episode should be available in November!


I think by buying the rights to market 7 vs Wild worldwide we will see more and more 7 vs Wild episodes. The question is will we ever go back to an authentic format or will the format drift into scripted "reality" formats as well. I hope not, but the past has proven this over and over again. It is to be hoped that Fritz and his boys will come up with something new again. Because they won't need the word mark "7 vs. Wild" to stomp something new out of the ground.

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