In this post I want to show you a build of the character Cryptid, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive attributes of Cryptid are that more trees spawn and he gets +10 harvest and +3 HP regeneration for every tree that is alive.

His dodge limit is 70%.

Also, each time he dodges, he gets +3% Attack Speed until the end of the wave.

Its negative properties are -100% life drain, -100 range and -50% materials dropped by enemies.

We're starting with the Pruner take even more advantage of the bonus harvest through the support weapon bonus and the character bonus.

You lose the character's bonus harvest when the wave is over, but you still get the bonus materials, which definitely justifies any uncut tree.

You can still use the Bag item on this character, although you will leave the trees standing.

The low costs, especially at the beginning of a run, already justify the bag if you knock down a tree and a box comes out or the opponents drop one.

Offensive stats on this character are Melee Damage, % Damage, and Attack Speed.

Defensive should of course be primarily dodge % and max HP so you can benefit from the character's extra increased max dodge chance and attack speed bonus from dodging.

Due to the greatly reduced life steal, you should ignore this value completely or you can simply reduce it further.

You should always take items that improve the consumables with you, since you will have many such items to collect with the Pruners.

The perfect item for the character is Adrenaline. This gives you an additional chance to heal as soon as you dodge and increase your dodge chance a little more.

As soon as you go in the direction of maximum dodge chance and you still have this item, you will get stronger with every dodge and still regenerate your lost HP very quickly, in addition to the greatly increased life regeneration through the trees.

You should definitely avoid the lumberjack shirt here, if you do hit a tree, you don't want it to be destroyed immediately.

If you succeed, you'll unlock the Claws weapon for your future runs.

Guide for all achievements

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