In this post I want to show you a build of the character Fisherman, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Fisherman's positive traits are that it starts with +20 harvest.

In addition, he is always offered a bait in the shop that is discounted by -95%.

He also gets +2 Harvest for each Bait he has.

Baits will make these special enemies appear during the future waves as well.

Its negative trait is that enemies drop -50% matter, but this can be compensated relatively well by the bait.

We start the run with the weapon slingshot.

The bait is offered to you again by the shop when you roll the dice again, so you can buy several baits per wave.

It's easiest, of course always assuming that you have enough damage and attack speed, if you stand in a corner at the beginning of the wave and let the special enemies come at you, because they always shoot to the left and right and never straight ahead .

In the first few waves you might want to avoid the bait as the enemies are very strong, and you don't have many strong weapons at the beginning.

Especially in the early waves, you should already make use of the good harvest bonus that you received at the beginning and increase it even more.

Precisely because you get fewer materials from the opponents, this value is all the more important.

% damage is always a very useful and, above all, strong value, but with this character you always get a damage bonus if you buy a bait.

That's why you should focus primarily on ranged damage, attack speed and crit chance here, as you will benefit from these values significantly more than you spend your materials on % damage.

Also get enough defensive values in the form of max. HP, HP regeneration, life drain and above all armor and % evasion so that you can buy 1 or 2 more baits and benefit from the % damage bonus.

However, don't risk too much and only get as many baits as you can handle.

However, it will greatly simplify your run if you get a lot of use out of this item.

Once your slingshots are purple or even red you will easily take out 2-3 decoys per round as the projectiles will ricochet between enemies so well.

After your successful first run with the character, you unlock the Lure item.

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